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Server Plans

Tier1 Hosting offers Cloud Server plans with customizable system resources and pre-configured plans. All Tier1 Hosting Cloud Servers are built on Rock Solid Cloud Server hardware

Linux & BSD Full Customization

$15.50 /mo
  • Configure and install via https VPS Control Panel
  • Full KVM Virtualization
  • Up to 25TB Bandwidth
  • Up to 32GB Memory
  • Up to 500GB Disk Space
  • Up to 1Gbps Network Speed
  • Dedicated /64 IPv6 block
  • 24/7 Full Support
Customize Now!

Prebuilt Customizable Linux

$15.50 /mo
  • Choose your options. Installed in a few minutes and ready for you to ssh as root
  • Full KVM Virtualization
  • Up to 25TB Bandwidth
  • Up to 32GB Memory
  • Up to 500GB Disk Space
  • Up to 1Gbps Network Speed
  • Dedicated /64 IPv6 block
  • 24/7 Full Support
Customize Now!

Server Features

Tier1 Hosting provides you with server solutions in different flavors. Some like to build their server from the ground up, customizing the Operating System of choice while other people like a pre-configured Linux server that needs no customization of the Operating System. With our Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 and 2008 R2 VPS Cloud Servers, they are very easily installed by clicking on the Install button

Current supported Operating Systems:
CentOS 6 latest version x86_64
CentOS 7 latest version x86_64
Debian latest version x86_64
FreeBSD 13+ AMD/64
OpenBSD 5.5 AMD/64
Ubuntu 18.04+ LTS Server AMD64

Free rapid setup

Pre-configured Linux server ready in < 8 Minutes

SSH access

Securely access your new server as root with SSH

Manage multiple servers

Easily and securely manage multiple servers through Tier1 Hostings' Secure Control Panel

Easily and securely manage your IPv6 addresses including rDNS through Tier1 Hostings' Secure Control Panel

24/7 tech support

Get the expert support you need quickly

Included in all plans

Tier1 Hosting provides you with Rock Solid Servers by Servaris.com. It's the foundation you want and a backend 15k mile Fiber Network for reliability and performance

Free rapid setup

Tier1 Hosting VPS's get installed quickly. Even with our fully customized Linux and BSD VPS's, your VPS is up and running quickly and securely.

dedicated IP's

All Cloud Private Servers VPS come with a minimum of 1 static / dedicated IPv4 Address. We offer up to 20 IPv4 addresses per Cloud Server VPS. Included IPV6 /64 with rDNS self controlled with Tier1 Hosting Server Control Panel

No Long-term Contracts

At Tier1 Hosting, there is no long term commitment or contract. You can cancel at any time.

24/7 telephone, email support

Tier1 Hosting provides Telephone support and ticket support. Tickets are answered to your email address

SSH and SFTP access

Securely access your Linux and BSD VPS with SSH or SFTP and the VPS Control Panel via https

24/7 network monitoring

Tier1 Hosting networks are monitored day and night.

Our Clients Say

The quality of performance and uptime is great! Keep it up!

  • Paul C.
    Developer - Matt B.

    I've used the big players before, Tier1 is the hidden secret.

    Charlotte Oliver
    Support - Sheila W.

    Your service is excellent. You've really helped us along.

  • Jason T.
    Marketing - Capra Segment

    We've been very impressed with our MS Windows VPS. It's the type of service we wish other industries would adhere to for quality and performance

    Clive W.
    Coder - Excel

    We have found Tier1 Hosting Virtual Private Servers to be excellent and reliable! The costs of downtime with other hosts was just too great.

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